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Hilary is a centering force. She brought clarity and focus to our group, helping us cut through the noise and see a clear path to our goals.

Heather Chen Eisner, COO, Garrett Leight, LLC
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We have worked with Dynamic Team Solutions on several different engagements and achieved great results. We value the ease with which Dynamic Team Solutions has been able to help us transform the way our leaders work together. As a result of the partnership, our leadership team has grown more cohesive and is better able to meet everyday business challenges.

B. Blake, First Vice President, Human Resources Director
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"The work you did with my team was so worth it. The staff took it to heart and made real changes. Until we met with you I felt I needed to run interference. Now the team works so well together—communication is better, and the results speak for themselves. We are now where we needed to be, which is in a very good place. It’s been life-changing for our entire team."

D. Washington, V.P. of Operations, FilmL.A., Inc.
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"I just wanted to thank you for continuing to speak at the HR star conference. I’ve been going for about 6 years and almost every year I’ve attended your session. Each year your content is fresh, engaging, relevant and you inspire me every time."

K. Martin-Dickey, HR Manager, Full Swing Simulators
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"The value Candice has provided (and continues to provide) is significant. In our specific instance, we have been able to retain a valuable (albeit challenging) employee. Candice is able to quickly drill down to the root of an issue and, as quickly, offer suggested courses of action that are effective."

S. Broderick, VP Sales & Marketing FRALOCK
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"I have hired Candice on more than one occasion as both a Mediator and a Coach. She is one of the most intuitive people I've worked with and I have trusted her with some of our most confidential and sensitive business issues. I wouldn't hesitate to use her in the future and consider her a trusted advisor."

P. Costa, President, Direct Hire Associates, LLC
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"Candice has done a fantastic job delivering mediating tools to our members at PIHRA, district one. Her practical and thoughtful approach to positively managing the most dynamic element of all - the human, resulted in very positive feedback from our members. It's a pleasure to work with such a genuine, professional who brings a measurable benefit to organizations and individuals!"

N. Ackeret, Principal/Executive Vice President at Trapani Dickins & Associates
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"Candice is both artful and skillful at the mediation of conflict and I am happy to highly recommend her services"

L. Gardner, Experienced Human Resources Generalist
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"Candice can take credit for our improved communication and collaboration at my Company. She was able to discern the issues that prevented us from working effectively and communicated in a way that solicited everyone’s willing cooperation. Our management team was very impressed by her approach."

C. McRae, Director Human Resources, FilmL.A., Inc.
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"Although the mediation process was at times challenging, Candice was able to keep me grounded throughout the entire process. I truly appreciated her ability to understand my point of view and communicate this in a way that others could comprehend. The mediation has been a success for myself and co-workers and our work environment has significantly improved."

D.S., National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles
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"Candice is a very skilled mediator with a high degree of integrity and ethics.."

G. Sanchez, The California Endowment
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"Mediation is an art not a science and Candice is a true artist. She understands the issues and psychology involved in mediating disputes and does so quite patiently with great results. I highly recommend Candice to anyone, whether it be a formal legal action or merely a dispute between neighbors or business partners."

S. Keven Steinberg, Esq.
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"I am profoundly pleased with the results of a mediation conducted by Candice. My two employees have crafted not only a plan to get along better, but to collaboratively work and plan an exciting new venture together. In the future, when issues of workplace conflict arise, I intend to call Candice. She offers an invaluable service that I highly recommend to others.."

H. Harris, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
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"Candice knows how to keep the audience's attention and interest. She perfectly knows her subject, can illustrate it, relate it to the audience. Her suggestions are comprehensive, easy to understand and applicable. She knows how to bring a delicate zest of humor to the topic to make it more appealing."

G. Montagne, SPHR
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"Candice was the perfect choice for conflict resolution in our family owned business."

M. Webster, Webster Instrument
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"Candice has provided a venue for the resolution of conflict, misunderstandings, or concerns among our families. She has provided this service with respect, dignity, and professionalism."

A. Kusion, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
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Our Team

We are passionate about increasing the effectiveness, cohesion and functionality of teams, leaders, and organizations.  Our value-driven approach to providing each client with the solutions to help them thrive, is what makes our clients loyal and our partnerships strong.


Candice Gottlieb-Clark


Paulina Houldsworth




Janelle Coleman




La Vigne













Candice Gottlieb-Clark, MS, BCE

Understanding the link between employee satisfaction, organizational cohesiveness, and overall productivity, Candice Gottlieb-Clark founded Dynamic Team Solutions, a certified woman-owned business.

As an architect of healthy human interactions in the workplace, Candice has spent the last 17 years collaborating with business leaders as she designs customized programs that focus on improving organizational environment and culture.  Results include inspiring leadership, collaborative teamwork, productive communication, and effective conflict management and resolution.

Along with her team of expert coaches, trainers, and facilitators, Candice has successfully worked hand-in-hand with public and private companies, not-for-profit and governmental agencies in industries including entertainment, education, medical, legal, real estate, construction, financial, manufacturing, and professional services; At Dynamic Team Solutions, the true expertise is in handling the one thing that all industries share – people.

Trained as a Counselor, Candice’s prior career experience includes work as a Clinical Director for an ADHD treatment facility, teaching Masters-level counseling classes for San Diego State and North Texas Universities, and providing testimony as a Vocational Expert for the Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Candice is a sought-after speaker on topics including Leadership, Communication, and Team Dynamics.  She has spoken to both local and National audiences and has been published in numerous business and professional journals, including Forbes where she serves as a contributing writer.

Candice holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from SDSU and is a Board Certified Executive Coach (#1510).  She is proud to be a Certified Mediator of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and to serve as a member and leadership trainer for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Paulina Houldsworth

Paulina joins our team as an innovative Operations Manager experienced in analyzing and improving business processes to enhance productivity and achieve quality results.  Focused on ensuring client success through collaboration, Paulina engages with clients to identify the right consultant and the best strategy for reaching their goals.  She actively supports fluid channels of communication between clients and consultants and ensures all programs are managed in a timely and attentive manner.  Paulina holds a Master’s degree from Boston University & is currently an MBA Candidate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Hilary Bendon

Hilary is a leadership development and dispute resolution professional.  Skilled in facilitating groups, mediating conflict, and working with individual leaders and full teams, Hilary brings her insightful, practical, and results-oriented approach to addressing complex organizational challenges. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, aerospace, financial services, and biotech. Hilary holds a Master of Public Administration, a Master of Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine School of Law, is a certified Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner.

Janelle Coleman

Janelle is a change management and strategic communications specialist.  She brings an insightful, practical and results-oriented approach to addressing complex challenges and help companies navigate organizational and culture transformations.  Janelle has worked with clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, energy, and other public and government agencies including the Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Association.   Janelle holds an MS in Positive Organization Development and Change, as well as professional certifications in Appreciative Inquiry and Prosci® Change Management.

Ernesto Saldaña

Ernesto is a certified executive coach, communications expert, critical thinker, and expert facilitator.  He has a proven track-record in leveraging the strengths and assets of his clients to help them become “unstuck” and build forward momentum. His philosophy is that “hope” is a strategy – not just something you wish for – but something you actively plan and execute to make happen. Ernesto’s clients include executives in nonprofit, education, health, and philanthropy, as well as advocates for equity and justice.  Ernesto holds a degree in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate.  He completed his coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation.

Rachael La Vigne

Rachael is a professional trainer and corporate facilitation leader.  She thrives in partnering with corporations to help them turn front line employees into exceptional leaders, and exceptional leaders into trail blazers.  Rachael brings her insight and awareness to organizational leaders in the areas of Situational Leadership and Management, Company Culture and Employee Engagement.  Rachael’s expertise as an organizational and development specialist is derived from her work in multiple industries in both the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Therese White

Therese is a conflict resolution professional with over 25 years of experience managing organizational conflict and teaching skills to others. As a highly respected mediator, coach, and facilitator, Therese supports leaders, teams, and individuals in managing issues in the workplace and achieving positive change.  She successfully works with clients in both the public and private sector on issues related to race, culture, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation as well as associated claims of harassment, hostile workplace, and wrongful termination. Therese holds a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Redlands and has multiple mediation certifications through agencies including the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Lauren E. Wilkins

Lauren is an expert mediator and facilitator specializing in transformative conflict resolution.  Lauren recognizes the importance of resolving beyond the crisis and works with both individuals and teams to rebuild and restore healthy workplace relations.  Clients value her skill, compassion, and strong intuitive understanding of individual needs and motivators.  She is a highly sought-after specialist for addressing both crisis and chronic areas of conflict.  Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Dispute Resolution.

Margalit Ward

Margalit is a certified executive coach, organization development expert, and corporate trainer. She has served as a trusted business advisor for multiple companies in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. With her passion for helping clients maximize their performance, Margalit integrates solution-oriented strategies while introducing the value of self-care and a healthy work-life balance.

As a coach and team development expert, Margalit provides organizations with the tools they need to thrive. With over 10 years of experience, Margalit has led hundreds of workshops to assist teams in creating greater productivity, well-being, confidence, and the ability to overcome the many obstacles that limit success.

Prior to her current role, Margalit founded and expanded two successful digital design companies serving a variety of clients including Hilton Hotels, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers Studios. Margalit has worked with clients in a variety of industries including Education, Media & Technology and Government agencies.

Margalit is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica Master’s level program in Counseling Psychology and has completed her coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence. Margalit is also the Co-Founder of Professional Women’s Network LA and is a contributor for the Huffington Post and Thrive Global.


Phone: 818.928.5670

Gena Davis

Gena is a board certified executive coach, corporate trainer, organization development consultant and national speaker. Her expertise is developed in the behavioral and social sciences and she enjoys working with clients in the areas of emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, mindfulness, positive psychology, and NLP.  Gena has worked with clients in a variety of industries including entertainment, financial services, non-profit and other public and government agencies to name a few.

Gena holds a BA in Communication Arts & Sciences from USC, and an MBA in Marketing from University of Phoenix and a Psy.D in Organization Development from Alliant International University.

Isabelle Hertz

Isabelle’s passion is to support people in reaching their full potential. She is an organization development practitioner focusing on mindfulness, motivation, coaching, team alignment, leadership development and culture change. Where people, process and performance come together, you will find Isabelle ready to build resilient organizations.

With education and experience that began in the world of Human Resources, Isabelle stands out as both a coach and organizational consultant. She brings with her a clear understanding of the issues impacting employee engagement and organizational success, as well as strategies for creating a collaborative workforce. Isabelle brings this same focus to her work as a trainer. She excels in crafting programs that are experiential and engaging, and which transform the ways people work. Isabelle’s calm, insightful approach engages clients, building their awareness and readiness for change.

Isabelle has international experience working with clients in industries including healthcare, education, engineering, and biotechnology. Her travel and work experience extend to locations including Canada, Turkey, China, and France.

Isabelle holds a Master of Science in Organization Development from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

Rob Henderson

Rob is an organizational consultant, corporate trainer and coach with notable success in helping clients achieve their most challenging goals.  Successful at working with even the most challenging clients including those who are angry and frustrated, Rob has a proven track record of providing the support necessary to elevate leaders and organizations to the next level. With experience in facilitating workshops and providing company-wide culture change, Rob is passionate about building diversity and expanding inclusion in the workplace.  He has worked with clients across the country and with a wide range of industries including entertainment, government, corporate and not-for-fit agencies. Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and is a graduate of Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School with a Master’s degree in Organizational Development.

Our Partners







Eric Swenson

Eric Swenson of RSJ Swenson, LLC, is a corporate workforce strategist who focuses on the “Big Picture”.  Helping organizations determine where they are and where they want to be, Eric constructs organizational plans geared toward helping them get there. Eric holds degrees in English and Communication and is the author of two books Managing People in the 21st Century and The 5 A’s of Great Employees.

Belinda Morris

Belinda Morris of PeopleScape HR compliments and expands Dynamic Team Solutions’ services by providing expertise in the HR support, recruitment, and sexual harassment training.  Belinda is further a certified administrator of the Harrison Assessment.  Belinda is SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified and holds degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Business Administration, and Human Resources.

Eve Wagner

Eve Wagner, an employment attorney, mediator, and arbitrator, collaborates with Dynamic Team Solutions in providing conflict management planning tools to proactively address issues of workplace conflict, while helping to prevent unwanted turnover and costly litigation. Eve is a founding partner of Sauer & Wagner LLP, established in 1997.  Eve currently serves as Chair of the Labor & Employment Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Our Clients

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous companies.
Below are some of our clients:

Port of Los Angeles

FilmL.A., Inc.

University of La Verne

Tokio Marine Management, Inc.

National Cornerstone Health Services

Harley Ellis Devereaux