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15 Smart Negotiating Techniques For Business Professionals

Coming to a consensus and closing a deal both rely heavily on the ability to negotiate. Business professionals utilize negotiation both with employees and investors, whether it’s in negotiating their salary or discussing future investments.

Negotiation isn’t a skill that arises from nothing, however. It requires a technique to properly execute and usually demands understanding of the other person to some extent.

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13 Essential Questions Every Professional Should Ask Before Stepping Down Or Retiring

At some point in a professional’s life comes the end of their professional life. Whether it’s because you’ve reached an age where you no longer want to work, you’ve accomplished all your goals or you want to move on to something else, there are a lot of reasons why you may choose to retire or step down as a leader. For some, the reasons are clear and the choice is easy—for others, not so much.

Even if you think you might be ready to leave, it’s possible you may be leaving for the wrong reasons or at the wrong time. To this end, it’s important you ask yourself some key questions first. To help you make sure you’re making the right choice, 13 leaders from Forbes Coaches Council pose some questions every working professional should ask themselves before deciding to step down, retire and let someone else take the reins.

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Four Strategies For Overcoming The Challenge Of Change

If you feel overwhelmed by change, you’re among a large piece of the population. Whether it’s planning for your child’s move to college or a detour on your morning commute, change can be isolating, infuriating and seemingly impossible to deal with. When change is rearing its head in the workplace, it can seem even more difficult. From new management or shifting team roles to modifying your routine or adjusting to a new position, office change takes commitment and dedication to get through.

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Even the most talented and well-meaning leaders have blind-spots. Gaps in their awareness impact teamwork, create conflict, lead to a loss of talent.

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