Leadership Development 101: 6 Traits All Leaders Need to Develop

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Leadership Development 101: 6 Traits All Leaders Need to Develop
Companies that thrive do so because of the example set by their leaders. When it comes to inspiring your team to put forth their best effort, it’s imperative that the leader’s actions, not just their words, set the standard for the entire organization.

Here are the six qualities all strong leaders need to develop in order motivate their teams.

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1.Leaders Are Forward Thinking

Leaders should be visionaries, plain and simple. When it comes to looking towards the future, no organization moves forward without its leader showing them the way. To this end, great leaders develop the skill of being reflexive, able to pivot, adjust strategies, and change course as necessary.

2.Leaders Are Comfortable Delegating

A leader who does not trust his or her managers or supervisors to handle issues within their own teams, undermines the authority of other leaders within the organization. By contrast, strong leaders trust their team to handle responsibility, thereby drawing out leadership qualities within others.

3.Leaders Are Accessible

Strong leaders are accessible. This is not to say that an open-door policy is necessarily the best strategy. However, it is crucial to keep connected with your staff – on a macro-level.  Successful leaders maintain a frequent presence in the workspace. They take time to get to know staff, solicit their ideas, and ask them questions about what aspects of the organization are or are not helping them to work efficiently.

4.Leaders Place High Emphasis on Employee Morale

While leaders need to stay out of the fray, they must also support initiatives that help or engage employees.  This may mean investing in outside training, supporting team development, or bringing in an expert in conflict resolution to resolve issues that are undermining communication or productivity.

5.Leaders Lead By Positive Example

It is up to the organization’s leader to set a positive and inspirational tone – for the whole team.  This involves sharing the direction the organization is headed, and how each member plays a vital role in transitioning that vision into reality. Leaders ensure that all team members recognize their value and contributions to the business or organization’s success, inspiring and motivating each to help the company get there.

6.Leaders Model Honesty

True leaders own and admit to their mistakes, and take responsibility for ensuring the same mistakes aren’t made in the future. Through modeling honest behavior, leaders effectively demonstrate the importance of integrity, which is imperative for the long-term success of any organization.

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