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As a leader, you’re frustrated and overwhelmed. Or you’re struggling to move forward and reach your own potential. As an organization, you have concerns about the functionality of the leader and team, or worse still, about liability for the business. It’s never too soon or too late to make things better.

Whether you need help with communication skills, conflict management, facilitating effective meetings, managing others, or implementing change, our executive coaches have the experience to successfully coach you to success.

Custom-tailored to identify, address, and meet your goals, executive coaching offered by Dynamic Team Solutions helps organizations from coast to coast to reach the next level on their path to success by:

Providing insight and enhancing awareness of styles and behaviors that impact workplace relations, success, and culture

Offering support and strategies to enhance communication, build accountability, trust, and respect, and to bring about positive change within the organization.

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Hilary is a centering force. She brought clarity and focus to our group, helping us cut through the noise and see a clear path to our goals.

Heather Chen Eisner, COO, Garrett Leight, LLC
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We have worked with Dynamic Team Solutions on several different engagements and achieved great results. We value the ease with which Dynamic Team Solutions has been able to help us transform the way our leaders work together. As a result of the partnership, our leadership team has grown more cohesive and is better able to meet everyday business challenges.

B. Blake, First Vice President, Human Resources Director
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"The value Candice has provided (and continues to provide) is significant. In our specific instance, we have been able to retain a valuable (albeit challenging) employee. Candice is able to quickly drill down to the root of an issue and, as quickly, offer suggested courses of action that are effective."

S. Broderick, VP Sales & Marketing FRALOCK
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"I have hired Candice on more than one occasion as both a Mediator and a Coach. She is one of the most intuitive people I've worked with and I have trusted her with some of our most confidential and sensitive business issues. I wouldn't hesitate to use her in the future and consider her a trusted advisor."

P. Costa, President, Direct Hire Associates, LLC
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"Candice can take credit for our improved communication and collaboration at my Company. She was able to discern the issues that prevented us from working effectively and communicated in a way that solicited everyone’s willing cooperation. Our management team was very impressed by her approach."

C. McRae, Director Human Resources, FilmL.A., Inc.
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"The work you did with my team was so worth it. The staff took it to heart and made real changes. Until we met with you I felt I needed to run interference. Now the team works so well together—communication is better, and the results speak for themselves. We are now where we needed to be, which is in a very good place. It’s been life-changing for our entire team."

D. Washington, V.P. of Operations, FilmL.A., Inc.
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If you’re wondering if you or your business could benefit from the expertise of an executive coach, chances are that you already know that there are issues within your organization, or deficits in your leadership, which need fine-tuning. Other signs that you need an executive coach include: high turnover within a team, staff complaints, conflict amongst team members, challenges in communication, and decreased productivity/performance within your organization.

Contact the experts at Dynamic Team Solutions today to schedule a consultation.

Mediating solutions offered by Dynamic Team Solutions don’t come in a one-size- fits-all model. In some cases, workplace conflict, may be resolved very quickly. In others, it may take longer.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your unique needs.

The cost of Executive Coaching will be contingent upon your specific needs. At Los Angeles based Dynamic Team Solutions, we don’t abide by a one- size- fits all model for your mediating,

leadership, or team solutions. Instead, we custom-tailor a strategy in collaboration with you, to determine the type of services that will yield the best results for your organization. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to learn more about the Executive Coaching Solutions offered by Dynamic Team Solutions.

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