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Conflicts happen. Complaints are normal. But when your team members have stopped communicating and started accusing, or have reached a place where tensions interfere with teamwork or planning, conflict in the workplace can no longer be ignored. Your human capital – and the company and industry knowledge that each individual team member holds – is your company’s most valuable asset.

When tensions go unaddressed or unresolved, it sends a palpable message
to those who are suffering, and even those who aren’t. It says “You don’t matter to us.”
You can’t afford to let the impact of conflict destroy morale, bring unwanted turnover,
or undermine the functionality of your organization. Dynamic Team Solutions offers mediation as a powerful and reliable tool for resolving and managing workplace conflict.

The experienced mediators at Dynamic Teams Solutions guide and facilitate healthy dialogue between parties in dispute.  Business and organizations engaging the mediating solutions provided by Dynamic Team Solutions can expect results including:

Improved trust and respect amongst staff and between departments

Renewed capacity for parties to focus energies toward strategic planning, productivity, and performance

Enhanced communication and conduct among team members

Sustainable improvement in interpersonal and workplace relations


Mediation provided by Los Angeles based Dynamic Team Solutions is a strategy for conflict resolution whereby participants, through the guidance of one of our experienced and reputable neutral third party mediators, arrive at solutions together in a collective and collaborative fashion. Mediation is a voluntary process, and the solutions reached are encouraged but never forced. Thus, the agreements, while not legally binding, are meaningful and lasting.

Mediating solutions offered by Dynamic Team Solutions don’t come in a one-size- fits-all model. In some cases, workplace conflict, may be resolved very quickly. In others, it may take longer.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your unique needs.

Dynamic Team Solutions helps businesses, professional firms, non-for- profits, educational institutions, and corporations to resolve all types of conflicts. Common problems which the conflict resolution specialists at Dynamic Team Solutions successfully help organizations to resolve include issues such as tension and frustration, stemming from feelings of distrust, resentment, and differences in work style or personality.

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