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We want to recommend the right service to address your specific needs – so give us a call. After this “discovery call,” we’ll be happy to provide you with our assessment and recommendations to steer you towards the services that will be of most help, while remaining mindful of your goals and budget.

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First, contact us for a “discovery call” so we can learn about your needs and goals. Far beyond knowing the number of attendees, location, and potential dates, we need to know you, your team, and your goals to be certain we are the right fit for you. Once we are sure we can help, we will provide you with a written proposal to lay out a plan and secure the session.

Because all our training programs and seminars are custom-tailored to your unique needs and goals, the cost of training sessions and webinars vary in cost, but begin as low as $750.

“Candice knows how to keep the audience’s attention and interest. She perfectly knows her subject, can illustrate it, relate it to the audience. Her suggestions are comprehensive, easy to understand and applicable. She knows how to bring a delicate zest of humor to the topic to make it more appealing.”

G. Montagne, SPHR

“Although the mediation process was at times challenging, Candice was able to keep me grounded throughout the entire process. I truly appreciated her ability to understand my point of view and communicate this in a way that others could comprehend. The mediation has been a success for myself and co-workers and our work environment has significantly improved.”

D.S., National Association of Women Business Owners, Los Angeles

“Candice can take credit for our improved communication and collaboration at my Company. She was able to discern the issues that prevented us from working effectively and communicated in a way that solicited everyone’s willing cooperation. Our management team was very impressed by her approach.”

C. McRae, Director Human Resources, FilmL.A., Inc.

“The work you did with my team was so worth it. The staff took it to heart and made real changes. Until we met with you I felt I needed to run interference. Now the team works so well together—communication is better, and the results speak for themselves. We are now where we needed to be, which is in a very good place. It’s been life-changing for our entire team.”

D. Washington, V.P. of Operations, FilmL.A., Inc.

“Candice is a very skilled mediator with a high degree of integrity and ethics..”

G. Sanchez, The California Endowment

“I just wanted to thank you for continuing to speak at the HR star conference. I’ve been going for about 6 years and almost every year I’ve attended your session. Each year your content is fresh, engaging, relevant and you inspire me every time.”

K. Martin-Dickey, HR Manager, Full Swing Simulators

“I have hired Candice on more than one occasion as both a Mediator and a Coach. She is one of the most intuitive people I’ve worked with and I have trusted her with some of our most confidential and sensitive business issues. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her in the future and consider her a trusted advisor.”

P. Costa, President, Direct Hire Associates, LLC

“Candice has provided a venue for the resolution of conflict, misunderstandings, or concerns among our families. She has provided this service with respect, dignity, and professionalism.”

A. Kusion, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

“Candice is a phenomenal facilitator and presenter who can make a cavernous room feel intimate. I participated in a session she led on conflict resolution, a topic in which I have substantial training and experience. Despite that, she had me – along with an entire room of senior HR leaders – rapidly taking notes. Candice shared case studies that showed how even well-intentioned behavior can sometimes lead to unproductive conflict, and it was a helpful study in nuance and empathy.

Lauren Antocci Perdue, VP of Human Resources at Shepley Bulfinch

“Candice has done a fantastic job delivering mediating tools to our members at PIHRA, district one. Her practical and thoughtful approach to positively managing the most dynamic element of all – the human, resulted in very positive feedback from our members. It’s a pleasure to work with such a genuine, professional who brings a measurable benefit to organizations and individuals!”

N. Ackeret, Principal/Executive Vice President at Trapani Dickins & Associates

“I just wanted to thank you for continuing to speak at the HR star conference. I’ve been going for about 6 years and almost every year I’ve attended your session. Each year your content is fresh, engaging, relevant and you inspire me every time.”

K. Martin-Dickey, HR Manager, Full Swing Simulators

“We have worked with Dynamic Team Solutions on several different engagements and achieved great results. We value the ease with which Dynamic Team Solutions has been able to help us transform the way our leaders work together. As a result of the partnership, our leadership team has grown more cohesive and is better able to meet everyday business challenges.”

B. Blake, First Vice President, Human Resources Director

“Mediation is an art not a science and Candice is a true artist. She understands the issues and psychology involved in mediating disputes and does so quite patiently with great results. I highly recommend Candice to anyone, whether it be a formal legal action or merely a dispute between neighbors or business partners.”

S. Keven Steinberg, Esq.

“Candice is both artful and skillful at the mediation of conflict and I am happy to highly recommend her services”

L. Gardner, Experienced Human Resources Generalist

“The value Candice has provided (and continues to provide) is significant. In our specific instance, we have been able to retain a valuable (albeit challenging) employee. Candice is able to quickly drill down to the root of an issue and, as quickly, offer suggested courses of action that are effective.”

S. Broderick, VP Sales & Marketing FRALOCK

“Candice was the perfect choice for conflict resolution in our family owned business.”

M. Webster, Webster Instrument

“I am profoundly pleased with the results of a mediation conducted by Candice. My two employees have crafted not only a plan to get along better, but to collaboratively work and plan an exciting new venture together. In the future, when issues of workplace conflict arise, I intend to call Candice. She offers an invaluable service that I highly recommend to others.”

H. Harris, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

“Hilary is a centering force. She brought clarity and focus to our group, helping us cut through the noise and see a clear path to our goals.”

Heather Chen Eisner, COO, Garrett Leight, LLC

Your teams are siloed, lacking in cohesion or accountability, or struggling with communication or leadership challenges. Efforts to move things in a positive direction haven’t gotten you where you need to be. It’s time to partner with Dynamic Team Solutions. We help you to re-imagine and redesign role definition and responsibilities, communication strategies, and expectations of performance. We support healthy, productive change that recognizes individual contributions and responsibilities, values interdependent leadership and builds an efficient, effective work environment.Dynamic Team Solutions is committed to working hand-in- hand with your team to achieve:

  • Functional, collaborative workplace relations marked by renewed trust & respect
  • Clear leadership, defined responsibilities, and team aligned strategic planning
  • Restored energy and focus, heightened productivity & performance

When your Executive and Board meetings, leadership groups or team projects lack the ability to effectively come together, make decisions, and build forward momentum, everyone suffers.

Time is wasted, decisions are halted, opportunities are lost. Whether caused by an imbalance of power, a battle for power, or even a vacuum of it, communication and decision making are hampered and nothing gets done. Or worse still, bad decisions are made because objecting opinions are hushed. Businesses and organizations suffer when meetings and projects lack healthy meeting facilitation.

The experts at Dynamic Team Solutions know you need meetings and retreats that are purposeful and productive. Our group facilitation services generate forward momentum by engaging participants in healthy and honest dialogue and debate, fostering collaboration and constructive decision making. As experienced facilitators, we assist leaders in developing a shared vision, aligned goals, and strategic planning for their organization.

The Southern California based experts at Dynamic Team Solutions have been called-upon to facilitate successful purpose-driven programs which meet group objectives including:

  • Executive Retreats
  • Board Meetings
  • Team Projects
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Group Conflict
  • Communication Breakdown

Although successful enough, your company seems disjointed. Maybe you grew too fast. Or have lost sight of the heart and soul of your company. Whether the challenges emerged from inside or outside the company walls, the fact is you’ve become a boat without a true rudder. The experts at Dynamic Team Solutions know your struggle. We guide your organization through a process of reinvention and discovery, teaming with you to capture the essence of what makes your business a success, and helping you identify the changes and structures needed to catapult your business to the next level and beyond.

When you’re ready to create the culture you crave, Dynamic Team Solutions will help you to:

  • Clarify and recalibrate core values and their purpose, creating a focal point for change
  • Facilitate collaborative and collective decision making, creating team buy-in on strategies and solutions
  • Foster an environment of energy and enthusiasm, geared to increase productivity and performance
Team development is important to you. You know that building your teams, and each individual member of them, is an essential step to the future and progress of your company. Perhaps you want to become a “Top Employer,” plan for the succession of your business, or simply to stay in front of the competition. Investing in your number one asset – people— is the best way to get there. Dynamic Team Solutions has training solutions designed to enlighten, empower, and motivate, while teaching staff new skills for personal and professional development. Your employees will feel engaged and supported while learning strategies to better communicate, manage conflict, and work with others.

How do we do it? We work collaboratively with you to assess your training needs and goals, outcomes and objectives. Then we go to work, developing an approach and curriculum that is custom-tailored to your business or organization. The result – a program that engages your team and inspires change.

Contact us about our half-day, full day, and multi-day programs. Popular seminar topics requested by businesses and organizations in California and beyond include:

  • Team Building for Better Workplace Relations
  • Workplace Conflict: Gaining Insight and Making Changes
  • Communication Skills Workshop
  • “Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training
  • Mediation Training for HR and In-House Conflict Management

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